Alaska or another place?

Clever-Girl asked:

Could you say your opinion with introduction about: Summer vacation in Alaska..
Would you go there?
Why not?
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considering 1 of 3 trips (alaska, italy or hawaii)?

shortie__9a asked:

ok, me and 2 of my friends are planning a trip for next year. We have it down to Hawaii, Alsaska or Italy. We are still deciding if we want to go stay in the US or go “overseas”. We gonna go thru a tour company that is planning trips/vacations/holiday to all three of those places.

But my questions are:
Has anybody been to any of thos places and what did you think??
How much spending money should we take??
What’s the weather in each city at the following times of year:
Alaska: May and July
Italy: October
Hawaii: October

I’ve list what is included in each package:

Grand Alaska: 10 day / 9 night, 6 full & 2 continentalbreakfast / 1 lunch / 2 dinners / 1 box lunch ($2,499.95)

Tuscan Vacation($2,599.95): 9 day / 8 night, 7breakfast / 7 lunch / 7 dinner

Hawaiian Holiday($3799.95): 11 day / 10 night, 9 breakfast / 4 dinner

Thanks for any information you can give me.
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airfare and hotel and guide is included in all three deals. free time too.

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Perfect winter vacation?

Carole asked:

I am planning to take most of January off. I live in Alaska, so any place else would be warm by comparison. I want someplace slightly urban with good food, good beer, good history, and relatively inexpensive to escape to for a couple of weeks. The boyfriend and I are on the rocks at the moment, so it has to be a place I can enjoy solo, if it comes to that.
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Where is a good place to go during winter out west?

Melinda asked:

My husband and I are planning a vacation during the end of November. We thought maybe Alaska, but I found out that there isn’t much daylight during that time. We are now looking at the Yellowstone area. We don’t ski. Would like to try snowmobiling. We want to stay in an area that isn’t really crowded. A cabin with a fireplace but is easily accessible if it snows. Also how’s northern California or Washington State?
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How will life be in Canada for me?

drainitage asked:

Is Canada for me.
I want to retire in your great country as a New Yorker.
I’m don’t know what will be better liv ein Las Vegas or Live
in Canada. I speak english but I believe I need to learn another lanuguge so that will have to be french. I’m just tired of my life in New Jersey. But I work in New York. What is my best option for living on the Northwest side but live in a suburb of a city. I’m a outdoor type of person hunting,fishing,etc. So I will see hopefully of Canada once I visit Alaska for my next vacation. The only problem I have Homes but my real problem is jobs as I work for the government. Any Canadian can help me out.

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what would be a good song about vacation?

seventeenlax asked:

i just came back from alaska and i’m making a sort of video about it, but i really want a song to accompany and i haven’t found any good ones. i’m really into alternative and rock, but really anything that fits vacation would be great. thanks in advance!

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Does it bother you that some people get paid holidays and others don’t?

Joy_Brigade asked:

Here in Alaska, in a week, some govt employees got Columbus Day and Alaska Day both off as paid vacations. Sure doesn’t seem fair that many people work jobs and don’t get those off as paid holidays, yet people who work for the govt do.

Our federal govt is so in the hole financially. Shouldn’t it cut back on perks, like a private business would have to to stay in business?

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vacation for family of 4?

bob_shlo asked:

where should my family of 4 mom dad, 17 and 16 y.o. go for vacation next summer my parents wnat to cruise to alaska and i dont really want to…any other ideas?

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Any ideas for a fishing vacation?

Maria Gallercia asked:

I am new to fishing, and I don’t know what to purchase to start a tackle box. I know I need a fishing rod and bait, but that’s all. What do you bring on your fishing trips? Is Alaska the best place in the U.S. to fish? How do you start a tackle box, and what do you include in it? What is the best fishing rod out? Please give a crash course on fishing, and what’s the best place to go on a fishing trip. When it comes to the equipment, I want the best and am willing to pay for the best. I don’t know the difference between the saltwater and freshwater equipment needed. I want to surprise my boyfriend who is frantic about fishing (and hunting). Your advice and help is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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if i get my permit in Alaska, can i drive with a licensed driver in Oregon?

Hydro asked:

I want to get my permit, then wait the 6 months to get my license. but im going to Oregon for summer vacation and i will have it, can i drive there and not get in trouble

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vacation with then around 16 month old baby, where?

liane asked:

my husband and i are planning on going on a vacation for around 10 days in june or july. we have no ideas. he was thinking about renting an rv and driving through alaska.
i was thinking about hawai, we have been there when i was pregnatn, but don’t know weather the wether is to warm hot for the baby, to much sun, all the insekts, wether to get vaccination…
then i was thinking about a nice farm so he can see horses, chickens…
do you have good ideas?

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my dog wont eat ! we are on vacation for seven days and he wont eat anything but human food?

poetwithaheartofstone. asked:

we out camping at alaska and my dog wont eat we try to but like a piece of like sausage on its dry food and stuff but we are here for seven days and im, really scared.nothing works do we give him the human food?
my dog is never aloud to eat human food unless he steals it off the table then we cant get it back cause he runs outside. its always been dry dog food. and occasionall veggies.b ut he just sits there and stares at us . he acts normal runs around like a maniac but wont eat?

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dog sittter in alaska?

I LoVe MaLtEsE asked:

hey i live in alaska and was wondering if anyone was or knew a dog sitter in alaska? I might be going on vacation, dont know when, but want to look into it in advance :) thanks for the help

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alaska a nice place?

Saz asked:

is alaska a nice place to visit for vacation? like to see all the animals, skiing/sledding? alot stuff to do or is it boring? are they pretty welcoming? any thing else i should know if i was to visit? thankkks
also what place would u recommend to visit in alaska! thankks again

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